STS/Tipsy Taxi does not directly employ all of their staff.  All STS charter drivers, STS charter route supervisors, and Tipsy Taxi drivers are in fact Unitrans employees.  If you would love to drive a charter or Tipsy Taxi, please apply for the Transit Driver position with Unitrans first.  The staff we do employ are the unit director (approved by the ASUCD senate), the senior assistant, administrative assistants, and Tipsy Taxi Schedulers (also known as “operators” or “dispatchers”).  Most of those positions work in the office and primarily deal with charters.  Tipsy Taxi Schedulers are required to have driven Tipsy Taxi before and be in possession of a Commercial Drivers License with passenger endorsements, and therefore must also be a Unitrans employee.

Whenever we are hiring for any position, it will be posted at the ASUCD Jobs website.