Specialized Transportation Services is a publicly-funded charter service.  We utilize Unitrans vehicles, operators, and facilities to provide non-fixed route service available for events and private functions. STS only accepts charters within Davis city limits (in-town charters).

As a publicly-funded charter service, we are required to abide by certain FTA laws.  The Final Charter Rule requires us to let all private charter companies in the area know about your charter request.  They then have a window of time depending upon when your event is to express interest in your charter.  If they express interest via email or a phone call to both STS and you, STS can not provide service to your event.  Even if you do not chose to book with the private company, we can not provide you with service.  For more information, please consult our FTA Regulations page.

Our rates vary depending on what type of vehicle you want and whether or not you are directly affiliated with ASUCD.  For those affiliated with ASUCD, we charge $80/hour plus $1.25/mile per single deck bus.  Our double decks – both vintage London models and modern Enviro500s – are $100/hour plus $1.75/mile per bus. For those not affiliated, we charge $88/hour plus $1.25/mile per single deck bus. Our double decks are $110/hour plus $1.75/mile per bus. This includes the time between when you want to be dropped off at the event until when you want to be picked up again if it is a two way charter (layover time).  Additionally, we add on 30 minutes before your first requested pickup time and 30 minutes after your latest drop-0ff time to give the driver time to properly inspect the vehicle, clean it, and fuel it.  You will be charged additional fees if there is any damage or excessive spills on the bus.  After we give you an estimate of your event, you need to be in full three business days before your event.  Lastly, we require a $200 per bus security deposit to be paid up front along with the estimate.  This will be returned to you along with all unused miles/hours after your charter has taken place (unless there is damage or excessive clean-up required).  For a rough estimate on our services, please consult our Charter Estimate Calculator.

Since all the vehicles we use are in fact Unitrans vehicles, we can not charter a vehicle during regular hours of bus operation (M-F 07:00 – 20:00) if it would interfere with service or limit Unitrans’ fleet.  Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.  Additionally, our double deck buses (particularly the old ones) are subject to breaking occasionally.  If you would like to book a double deck charter with us, we will do everything in our power to make sure a double deck is available when you requested it.



Alcohol: Specialized Transportation Services does not permit alcoholic beverages of any sort – open or closed – on our vehicles.  Any alcohol found on an STS vehicle will be confiscated.  The sole exception to this policy is closed and sealed bottles of wine on the return trip from a winery.  Any passengers who are acting in a drunk or unruly fashion may be asked to leave the vehicle – no matter its current location.

Cameras: STS understands and appreciates that our customers charter buses for a social and enjoyable ride to and from their destination.  While we want you to make the most of your evening, we ask that you please refrain from flash photography while the vehicle is in operation.  Flashes can create an extremely dangerous distraction for our drivers.  Any passenger who refuses to stop taking pictures may have their camera confiscated and/or be asked to leave the vehicle.

General Rules: In addition to our alcohol and flash photography policies, we simply ask that you remain in your seat while the vehicle is in motion, and respect both the driver and those around you. We also require that each individual has his or her own seat (no lap-sitting, etc.).

If you wish to book a charter with us, please call our office at (530) 752 – 9835 during regular business hours.  Be ready with as much information as possible including the date of your event, the time you want to be picked up from your pick-up location, where you want to be dropped off, and when you want to be picked up again from your drop-off location (if it is a round trip charter).  If we do not pick up, please leave a detailed message along with your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.