FTA Regulations

Here is the exact wording from the Final Charter Rule itself:

604.9 (a) A recipient may provide charter service, on its own initiative or at the request of a third party, if no registered charter provider responds to the notice:

(1) Within 72 hours for charter service requested to be provided in less than 30 days; or

(2) Within 14 calendar days for charter service requested to be provided in 30 days or more.

(b) A recipient shall not provide charter service under this section if a registered charter provider indicates an interest in providing the charter service set out in the notice pursuant to 604.14 and the registered charter provider has informed the recipient of its interest in providing the service.


This FTA regulation means that we are required to submit all charter requests to a designated list of private charter companies, and any one of them can provide the service if they are able, and if they respond within the given time-frame. Unfortunately, this means that, if a private company wants a charter, we are required by law to allow them to provide it, regardless of the requests of the customer. This also means we cannot specify single or double deck bus in the charter request, and if a private company is available to provide the charter they are allowed to do so, even if they do not have a double deck available.