Tipsy Taxi

Tipsy Taxi is a service we provide to UC Davis undergraduates every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night during the school year.  Quite simply, we are a door to door service (with some exceptions) with a flat rate of $3 per customer.  You can also purchase one-ride tickets in advance at the Unitrans Business Office in 5 South Hall at the discounted $2 each.  Please consult our calendar to see in detail what days we provide service (it’s updated every academic quarter).  Our hours of operation are 10 PM until 2 AM.  During that time, you can either call our operators at (530) 752-6666 or utilize our new online ride request forum where you chat live with one of our operators.  The latter method is recommended if you can not get through our phone lines.  The live chat feature is only available during our hours of operation, however you can submit your information directly on the page and our operator will give you a call when it gets closer to your requested pick-up time.

You need to be a UC Davis undergraduate to ride.  Undergraduates pay ASUCD fees, and with those funds the ASUCD helps subsidize Tipsy Taxi.  You may be asked to present a valid AggieCard before boarding, so please keep it with you.

Tipsy Taxi runs four different vans of varying capacities.  At least half of the vans running on any given night are fully ADA-compliant.  If you have any special needs or requests with your pick-up, please be sure to let the operator know either by phone or in the detail section of the online form.

If you are planning on riding Tipsy Taxi, please be aware of some of our rules.  We have an absolutely no tolerance policy as far as open container alcohol on board our buses.   Do not bring it or it will be confiscated by the driver.  Please note that we will occasionally utilize both I-80 and CA-113 to get from opposite ends of Davis quickly.  When they do, the drivers will turn off all interior lights.  During that time, please no flash photography.  While we discourage flash photography at all times while riding Tipsy Taxi, it is incredibly unsafe and potentially hazardous to do it while on the freeway.  We are not an ambulance service and we will not provide service to Sutter Davis Hospital.  Lastly, every rider must be able to board the vehicle under their own power.  We know most of our riders are intoxicated, but it has to be within reason.  It is a liability to both STS/Tipsy Taxi and the university to have a rider who either has or could potentially lose consciousness while on the vehicle.  If someone does lose consciousness while on the vehicle, we will call 911 and not move until the emergency personnel get on scene.  Also we do not like cleaning up puke.  If someone pukes on our vehicle, it puts the vehicle out of commission on the spot for at least an hour (which can have negative effects on our ridership capacities).  If you feel like you need to puke while riding Tipsy Taxi, please ask the driver for the trash can and they will gladly provide it or pull over at the next safe location.

With any further questions, feel free to call (530) 752-9835 during business hours, (530) 752-6666 during hours of Tipsy Taxi service, or send an email to